There are many launchers available for Android these days but by far, one of the more amazing launchers we came across is the Action Launcher Pro for Android. It is very simple to use, pretty fast and a clean launcher that you instantly fall in love with. With many of its features, one of the best ones is the sliding drawer for applications, home screen widgets and brilliant folder concept.

Action Launcher Pro

The quick drawer is accessible if you swipe your to the far left page of your home screen. You can actually reveal the drawer from any application if you will by tapping the app drawer button at the top left of the screen. The list scrolls down smoothly to display all your applications and you can press an individual letter if you are looking for a particular application and are too lazy to scroll all the way.

You can have five home screen pages which will include a permanent bar at the top of the screen featuring the app drawer button, search button, a menu key and Google Play Store. A new concept of folders has been introduced called ‘covers’. You can make a folder of your favorite applications on the home screen (it is really neat). Open the folder and tap ‘                make cover’. The first app in the folder will become the cover. While single tapping the folder icon will open the cover app, double tapping or swiping up will open the folder to reveal all the applications in that folder.

Another fairly unique feature is called ‘shutters’. The concept behind it is that of a collapsible widget. You swipe on an app icon and it will allow you to view the widget for that app. Instead of putting an actual widget of that application, you can have an icon and that will do that job for you. Tap the icon and it will open the actual application.

With all the extensive feature set, there are a few downsides for example, customizations are not that comprehensive when compared with other launchers for example you can’t customize the screen transitions and you don’t have a scrolling dock bar. There are a few bugs to go with it too for example, after every restart you are going to have to set the default launcher all over again.

All in all the launcher is fairly clean and easy to use with a few good and unique features. It is only 2.9 MB in size and costs $3.99 on the Play Store.

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