Unroot Any Android Device with Universal Unroot

Rooting is the key to bring out the maximum potential of your Android powered cellphone. But there are times when you have to bring back your device to its stock system and that requires for you to unroot your device. There are many ways that you can use in order to unroot your cellphone once […]

Google Brings out a Note-Taking Service with Google Keep

Google Keep is basically a new web program which allows you to make, save and sync notes. The primary thing about Google Keep is the fact that it’s part of the ‘Google’ Family and that alone should say a lot about the application itself. Google clearly gives out one core message – signin and never […]

ROM Toolbox Pro is a Swiss Knife for your Rooting Needs

One of the best things you can do with your android device is root it in order to gain super user privileges and use your cellphone to its maximum potential. There are even applications available that you cannot install until you are rooted. If you are a rooted android user, this particular application should definitely […]

TrustGo Provides you with Adequate Malware Security for Free

Malware is pretty common amongst android users these days with absolutely no signs of diminishing rendering your personal information at risk and data at an immediate danger of corruption. There are many anti-virus applications that can serve to protect your android device but not all of them are up to par and able to defeat […]

Action Launcher Pro Introduces Sliding Drawer, Covers and Shutters

There are many launchers available for Android these days but by far, one of the more amazing launchers we came across is the Action Launcher Pro for Android. It is very simple to use, pretty fast and a clean launcher that you instantly fall in love with. With many of its features, one of the […]

Streaming Music Becomes Easy With Rdio

The world would be so beautiful if you could listen to your favorite music channels on the radio without those annoying advertisements. But nothing comes for free and so we have to bear with them. The annoying part is that a song sets your mood and it is completely destroyed by the following advert. On […]

Swarm Over to Where The Party is With Swarmly

What happens with you during the day or the night depends pretty much on what you do, but most importantly it is all about the company you keep and the people you meet and spend time with. This particular application is meant to make sure that you meet the right people every time and have […]

Songza Lets You Create Music Playlists Based On Daily Activities

Music is the life and soul of people these days. Gone are the days of a radio when you would just turn it on and listen to whatever songs that were played. Now you have the ability to download all the songs you like and create your own playlists. The main difference between a radio […]

Burner For Android Has Your Back With a Disposable Number

Did you ever give out your number to someone and then completely regretted it wishing you had never done so? Have you ever wanted a separate number for all your ‘extra-curricular’ activities but cannot afford to buy another cellphone for that number? You know how we all go to clubs and bars and give out […]

Original Sonic the Hedgehog Coming to Android

We are sure that sometime in your life you played the original Sonic the Hedgehog game released by SEGA a long time ago. We are also sure that you loved the game because, well, who didn’t. The good news is that SEGA has been able to release the game for android. Don’t expect it to […]