Ever since the dawn of smartphones, battery life has been the major issue. I mean what is the point of all the power under the hood and amazing functionality they offer if they can’t even run on full power for a single day. While the companies are trying their level best in order to try to optimize the batter life on the smartphones, software developers are trying on their side to come up with applications that will at least let you save some. Now of course, one of the ways to increase battery life would be to decrease the functionality but that would be highly illogical, so one of the XDA members was kind enough to come up with a solution that goes by the name of Battery Doctor.

Battery Doctor

It delivers many useful functions and features with a very clean, easy to understand and logical interface too. This application grades your battery life and follows that with optimizing it using various settings so you could save on the battery. There are many different modes you can toggle in order to extend the battery life. There are customized modes that you can set according to your preferences. There are multiple profiles you can create and various schedules can also be set allowing you to toggle different modes at different times of the day helping you to automate the entire process of saving the batter. So essentially, you just need to play with the application once and it will handle the rest. You will also be presented with statistics on charging and consumption of the battery and you will be informed how many times you charged during day if it’s excessive than usual. The best feature would have to be the Screenlock Power Saving function in which case as soon as you turn the screen off, the application will underclock your CPU frequency to the lowest possible level. That will prevent unnecessary loss of battery when the phone is not in use. Of course, if you are not rooted, you will not be able to access that feature since it requires root. If your phone signal is less than 10% the phone will automatically shift to flying mode, further saving you batter.

If is quite a useful application and works well when it comes to saving the battery, but if you are to fully make use of this application, please ensure that your device is actually rooted. Let us know what you think in the comments are playing with Battery Doctor. The app is compatible with devices running 2.2 or higher and can be downloaded for free here.

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