Case Conversion of Text with a Hotkey

Few days back I was reading a post on Technospot to convert case of the text by an online tool called CaseConverter. CaseConverter allows you to change case of text in to any of the formats like lower case, upper case, proper case etc. He also mentioned a software called Primitive Case Changer which is a light weight desktop app and can be used offline. While it’s great to use these simple apps but there are few limitations to them e.g CaseConverter would need an internet connection and Primitive Case Changer would need a dedicated application to be installed for this purpose. A lot of times you don’t have internet connection, let’s say when you are travelling and many a times you are not even using your own computer. In such cases, you can easily convert case of the text by using Microsoft Word simply by highlighting the text and pressing Shift + F3 hotkeys. Majority of the internet and computer users have Microsoft Office installed at their computer. So, even if you are not at your computer or even if you don’t have internet connection you can easily convert case without any dedicated application.

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