Apple to Roll JailbreakMe Patch in Next Firmware Release

With the dawn of JailbreakMe, probably the easiest method to jailbreak your iPhones, the phone has been compromised more than ever. Over all the reasons why you should jailbreak your phones, we recently discovered probably the best one, running flash on your handsets. If Apple hates something more than Gray Powell, that’s jailbreaking and so […]

12-Core Apple Mac Pro Available for Order

The 12-core Mac Pro has just been made available today in Apple’s store which was announced to be made available soon earlier in July, 2010. Starting with two 2.66GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon “Westmere” processors along with a 6 GB RAM and 1 TB hard-disk drive, a super drive and an ATI Radeon HD 5770 with […]

Install Flash on iPhone 3GS/4 via Cydia Repo

Earlier today, we published an entry showing how to install Frash 0.02 on your iPhone 4. Even though the installation was pretty simple it was a little time consuming. Just right now we have learnt an easier and quicker way courtesy of ITD to install Flash/Frash on your devices. Simply follow the steps listed below. […]

Install Flash / Frash on iPhone 4 [Video]

A couple weeks ago, videos and step-by-step guides of running frash on iPads made waves on the internet. Today, RedmondPie published a story with step-by-step guide on how to run Flash/Frash on your iPhones. This has been done by the the iPhone hacker, Comex, the guy behind jailbreakme. Credit for video compilation and step-by-step guide […]

Chief of iPhone Hardware Leaves Apple

Mark Papermaster, chief of iPhone hardware and vice president of devices hardware engineering at Apple Inc leaves Apple as reported today by NYTimes. In late 2008, Apple hired Papermaster from IBM since he was working on IBM’s powerPC processor and Apple needed a CPU engineer for high performance chips It is not yet clear if […]

How to: Protect Your iPhone from Water Damage

Well, all phones can fall into the water why does iPhone deserve a special post? That’s because you can’t remove it’s battery which is the first thing you would have done in case of any other phone. You can’t do that with your iPhone and you would really hate apple for keeping it this way. […]

Control Car From iPhone With iCar Remote

Just today I came across this cool but fake iPhone app which lets you control your car through your iPhone. You can start off your engine, open and close doors and windows and even drive your car forward or backward making use of motion sensors of the iPhone. Even though the app is fake the […]

Google Voice GV Mobile on Cydia – JailBroken iPhones

Yesterday, GV mobile App along with all other apps using Google Voice were rejected by Apple & of course AT&T from apple app store. It is suspected that the application was rejected because it gives you many calling and texting features for free which is definitely not in interest of AT&T (only iPhone distributors for […]

Check Your Sexual Performance Score by an iPhone App

While going through CNet I came across a funny article about an iPhone application created by Chris Alvares which he named as “Passion“. Passion makes use of iPhone functionalities  like microphone, accelerometer and others to find out your accurate sexual performance score. All you have to do is start the application, put your iPhone on […]