Google Introduces New Format for Adsense Units

Google has just announced revamped new look of three of their most popular ad units: 300*250, 336*280 and 728*90. Google says it has made this decision after a lot of analysis and user feedback. The new format will be more user and space friendly, more appealing to the eye and will generate a higher CTR. […]

Change / Preview Theme on Live Blog in Background

When I started blogging for the first time, changing themes wasn’t an issue because my blog was almost empty with respect to content and the traffic was too less to call my blog a live one. So, I used to just fiddle around whenever I had to change theme and it didn’t really matter to me […]

Import Your Online WordPress Blog to Localhost

We recently talked about installing a fresh copy of WordPress on your localhost or computer. Now we will tell you about importing your current online blog to localhost to make an exact copy. To proceed with this, you must know about localhost, so, it’s highly recommended that you read about installing the fresh copy of […]

Increase / Change MySQL Import Size in PHPMyAdmin

By default the size limit for importing MySQL database is 2 MB. To increase this limit you will have to change the php.ini file which can be located in C:\WAMP\BIN\Apache\php.ini if you are using WAMP. Search upload_max_filesize upload_max_filesize represents the size of one file which you can import. Change  it’s value to the desired size, […]

How to Install WordPress on Localhost or Your Own Computer

We sometimes need to test things out with wordpress like plugins and themes before applying them on the live sites. The best way to do that is by installing wordpress on your harddrive for testing purposes. Since PHP is a server side scripting language and needs to be translated, you will have to make your […]

Convert Photoshop Document (PSD) to WordPress Theme

Recently I shared with you an easy tool called Artisteer which lets you create wordpress themes in designer mode. All you have to do is make choices about colors, columns, menus & widgets etc. Today I will be introducing you to another software called Divine which lets you convert your PSD (Photoshop Document) files in […]

Featured Post Gallery as a Slideshow in WordPress

Recently I wanted a plugin for my music blog which could display a slideshow of featured posts above all other posts. So I may keep displaying new content to the users along with some featured artists without taking much extra space. I googled for plugins to read reviews and see which one would work for […]