Google Launching Chrome OS Tablet on Verizon [Rumor]

Yet another rumor hits the internet by DownloadSquad this time while they claim it be a confirmed news by their reliable sources. Google is in the kitchen for a while and cooking the chrome OS tablet being built by HTC which makes total sense since Nexus one was an HTC product. Set to debut on […]

Jailbreak iPhone 3GS on iOS 4.0.2 Using Pwnage Tool

If you are reading this, that’s probably because you upgraded to iOS 4.0.2 and miss your jailbroken device. While there is still no way to jailbreak your iPhone 4, you can still jailbreak iPhone 3G and 3GS (old bootrom). While there’s no reason why you should update to 4.0.2, since you can secure your phone […]

Watch Vimeo Videos on iPad and iPhone Using HTML 5

One of the biggest drawbacks of having no flash in your iPhone and iPad is not having the capability to view all the videos that require flash. If you love to explore your phone to fullest, I’m pretty sure you have already jailbroken the phone which also gives you a capability to install flash on […]

Hacked Xbox 360 Plays “Backup” Discs, Coming Soon

Team Xecuter says they have hacked the new Xbox 360. The DVD drive has been patched to play burned discs now. Team Xecuter is the same hacking group which patched the original console earlier in 2006. The group says the patch will be available shortly to help hack your console. Although, remember that this isn’t […]

10 Most Advanced Keyboards

10. Medical Keyboard Source Cherry Electrical Products has introduced its J84-2800 Series washable keyboard for the healthcare/medical market. The keyboard helps control the spread of infections in medical facilities, an issue critical to the healthcare industry. A keyboard can always be a source of infection and dirt. Cherry’s J84-2800 Series keyboard features a fully-sealed rubber […]

Secure iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4 from PDF exploit Without Upgrading to iOS 4.0.2

This Thursday, we reported that something’s cookin’ at the iPhone dev team which basically was a security update to cover the PDF holes not just for the 3G, 3GS and 4G but for all devices prior to that too. That has been updated in the new package of Cydia by the iPhone dev team. Make […]

Adobe Releases Free Photoshop App for iPad

There already has been a photoshop app for your iPhone but adobe has just released a full fledged free iPad version of it called Photoshop express. It’s the same app that was available for your iPhones but it has been tuned to suit all iOS devices and hence can be run on iPhones, iPads and […]