Install Android M Developer Preview on Your Nexus 5 (Hammerhead) [How To]

Google has just released the Android M (Marshmallow?) developer preview factory images for the Nexus 5 (hammerhead), Nexus 6 (shamu), Nexus 9 (volantis) and Nexus Player (fugu). To install these images, you will need to run a full factory image install, which means that all your current data will be lost. We at Rewrite Tech […]

Android USB Drivers for Windows and Mac [Download Links]

For all of you who follow the tutorials in this blog, you must have noticed that every tutorial asks for you to ensure correct USB drivers for your cellphone. This particular article lists down all the major USB drivers that you will need so if you don’t have any, all you need to do is […]

Google Brings out a Note-Taking Service with Google Keep

Google Keep is basically a new web program which allows you to make, save and sync notes. The primary thing about Google Keep is the fact that it’s part of the ‘Google’ Family and that alone should say a lot about the application itself. Google clearly gives out one core message – signin and never […]

Google Play Store 4.0.25 APK for Android – Download Now

The Google Play Store app for Android phones and tablets running Android 2.2 (Froyo) has just been updated, and the all-new redesigned and improved interface looks quite refreshing, as it focuses on a simplistic and elegant design “and — most importantly — helps you find great entertainment, fast”. The card-based interface, which is similar to […]

HTC Incredible S and Desire HD Android 2.3 Gingerbread Firmware Over the Air (FOTA) Update

Yesterday, I received Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread update  notification by HTC on my Incredible S which was refreshing knowing that you could hardly find anything with Gingerbread except Nexus One and Nexus S (4G had it out of the box). But, it’s good to see HTC updating the current and future models. Currently, all the Incredible […]

Surprisingly Bad Performance of Flash on Android [Video]

Everyone knows there’s been a drawback about Apple idevices that they don’t let you run flash content on it. That alone makes Android devices a better bet when compared. That’s one of the reasons, which everyone thinks about before buying their smartphone considering most of the video streaming providers are flash based. To watch them […]

There Will be No Jailbreak for iOS 4.0.2 Says Dev Team

For all those who have been waiting for jailbreak to come up for 4.0.2, it’s not coming. The only reason why iOS 4.0.2 was built at first place was to patch up the PDF exploit to fix jailbreak and other potential security issues. With 4.1 in beta stage it makes no sense for the dev […]

Google Introduces Google Voice in Gmail

Google has just announced today the Google Voice facility straight from your Gmail which would be rolled in upcoming days. This service will let you call on phones of your friends. All you would require is this plugin Watch the video below straight from Google to understand the service From Google’s Official blog Calls to […]