Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) User Interface Video Leaked

While the launch of IE9 is only 8 days away, someone has managed to provide an exclusive sneak peak to softpedia. The source of the video claims that they have had their hands on the official beta version of the IE9 installer. While they haven’t leaked the installer yet, they have made this demo video […]

Google Introduces Google Voice in Gmail

Google has just announced today the Google Voice facility straight from your Gmail which would be rolled in upcoming days. This service will let you call on phones of your friends. All you would require is this plugin Watch the video below straight from Google to understand the service From Google’s Official blog Calls to […]

Guy Officially Changes His Name to “HostGator” for Ad. Campaign

These days, companies just do anything to get on Digg’s front-page or to get their name viral. While a lot of these campaigns actually go viral like the Old Spice social media campaign which gathered over 6 million video impressions, some of these campaigns are plain stupid. Billy officially and legally changing his name to […]

Google Updating Search Results in Real-time As You Type

There has been a video making waves on the internet showing real-time web results by Google as the searcher types the keywords. The authenticity of the video has just been confirmed via techcrunch. This was an experiment by Google that an SEO consultant Rob Ousbey noticed. Not all users are going to be seeing this […]

StumbleUpon Rolls Official Apps for iPhone and Android

Stumblers have been demanding this for long and finally the engineers at StumbleUpon have delivered it. You can now stumble through your phone using official iPhone and Android apps. The Android app will require you to have either Eclair [2.1] or Froyo [2.2] All you have to do is download the free app, login with […]

Watch Vimeo Videos on iPad and iPhone Using HTML 5

One of the biggest drawbacks of having no flash in your iPhone and iPad is not having the capability to view all the videos that require flash. If you love to explore your phone to fullest, I’m pretty sure you have already jailbroken the phone which also gives you a capability to install flash on […]

Fake TweetDeck App Made it to Android Market

This sure is an embarrassing moment for Google and Android market that a fake TweetDeck app by an opportunist developer made it to the Android market. Three days ago, TweetDeck rolled the TweetDeck for Android beta for TweetDeck account holders. Making use of the situation, the app developer has uploaded an unofficial app to android […]