How to Enable USB Debugging On Android Devices Running Android 2.x, ICS & JB

USB Debugging in Android is intended for development purposes only. You can use this development tool to copy data between your computer and your device, install applications on your device without notifications, and read log data. Not just that, it is also necessary for activities like rooting or installing custom ROMs on your device. Even […]

How to Unlock Bootloader, Install Recovery, Root & Flash Custom Rom on HTC One

We at Rewrite Tech have put together a quick step-by-step tutorial on how to unlock the Bootloader, install Recovery, Root and flash any Custom Rom on HTC‘s flagship device for 2013, the HTC One (formerly known by the code name M7). You are required to follow each and every step carefully and make sure that […]

Change / Preview Theme on Live Blog in Background

When I started blogging for the first time, changing themes wasn’t an issue because┬ámy blog was almost empty with respect to content and the traffic was too less to call my blog a live one. So, I used to just fiddle around whenever I had to change theme and it didn’t really matter to me […]

Remove/Edit Copyrights and Meta From Mp3 (Audios) & Videos

If you download Mp3 and video files frequently, you must already be familiar with copyrights and meta information on the files. Most of the sites put their copyrights on the audio files. So, when the file gets distributed, others may know who leaked the file or from where was it downloaded. If you want to […]

5 Ways to Create a Million Backlinks Innovatively

When I talk about innovativeness, this is certain that I am not talking about stupid applications or spamming machines to increase your backlinks. While there are many reasons which make you rank good at search engines, what brings things in competition is the number of links to your site by other sites called backlinks. You […]

How To Access Deleted Web Pages – Internet Archive

I have just blogged about accessing deleted pages from Wikipedia but that’s just Wikipedia. Haven’t you ever needed something that has been deleted from your favorite blog? Here’s the solution to your problem Internet Archive: Wayback Machine. It archives regularly and you can find even the oldest of the pages. Google has also got a […]

Access Wikipedia’s Deleted Pages

At times Wikipedia deletes some important information due to certain reasons. 2 days back I wrote an article on Windows 8, the information now has been deleted from wikipedia due to windows 8 being in very early stage. At that I made use of a tool called deletionpedia and accessed information about Windows 8. These […]

Shift to SFTP, Secure Your Site From Hackers

Just right now I was reading a post on Slashdot in which they provided some great information on protecting yourself from hackers by shifting from FTP to SFTP. Slashdot says that 90 % of attacks are done by using stolen credentials of an FTP account. I highly recommend you to read all other risks at […]

Create Free WordPress Themes With Easy Software, Artisteer

There is a whole lot of bloggers out there who really don’t know much development and designing because most of them want to write and blog only. However, it’s a need for everyone to customize their blogs the way they like it. They can now create WordPress themes for free in a designer mode with […]

Unblock & Access Facebook & Youtube in China

Facebook once again has been blocked in China due to Urumqi clashes. The government is keeping checks on all the traffic that comes in and goes out of the country and that travels inside the country. AllFacebook has more to say about the service getting blocked in China. There are lots of proxy sites which […]