Check Your Sexual Performance Score by an iPhone App

While going through CNet I came across a funny article about an iPhone application created by Chris Alvares which he named as “Passion“. Passion makes use of iPhone functionalities  like microphone, accelerometer and others to find out your accurate sexual performance score. All you have to do is start the application, put your iPhone on the bed, in an arm band or even in your pockets and have intercourse. Just when you get done, stop the application and it will tell you about the score

Chris Matyszczy humorously puts it as

While I wouldn’t wish to comment on, or even discover, what anyone does while they are having inter*****e, I wonder just how comfortable it might be with an iPhone stuck in your pocket.

Come to think of it, the pocket of your what exactly? Don’t most people, other than men in movies, remove their clothes for this activity?

You are then ranked from 1-10 on the basis of your performance and you can submit your scores online and compare it with other users.

Chris Matyszczy again :P

just like many video games, when you are finished you are asked to submit your score or, um, “try again.”

The application has been priced 4.99 USD.

This should be one of the funniest posts I read at CNet :D

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  1. WHAO.

    Due to some social limitations, I would never be able to use this app properly before (at least) 12 years from now.

    Oh and, kindly delete the comment above . It was linked to babu’s notes (which is dead)

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