If you are one of those users who basically use their devices as a personal organizer, indulging heavily in Google Tasks and Calendar then you might want to give this application a shot. It is called Day by Day and it has been developed by a member over at the prestigious XDA Forums.

Day by Day

This particular application combines a to-do list and a calendar into a single application to run on your Android device. The interface, as can be seen from the picture, is quite unique looking with an interesting choice colors. It certainly does look pleasant to the eyes. You have two horizontally sliding screens. One of them holds the calendar and the other one will take care of your to-do list. Anything on the to-do list is taken from the Google Tasks while all the calendar events are taken from the calendar application on your device. If you have any other calendar with tasks on it, it will be synced with this application so don’t worry.

Looking at the calendar screen, you can see that it is pretty standard. It displays the current month, and tasks and events of any date you select. If you edit any task or event on this calendar, which can be done with quite a bit of ease, it will automatically be synced with your Google Calendar as well as all the other calendars currently installed in your phone. Suppose, a certain friend of yours has his birthday on a specific date and you want to wish him. If you select the event of ‘birthday’ for that friend, an option to view that particular friend in your contacts list will become available easily allowing you to call or text him, whichever you prefer. The application also has a widget support with 20 different themes to select from.

This particular application is quite helpful if you run on an organizer and plan everything minute by minute on a daily basis. The interface is easy to grasp a hold of with absolutely no problems navigating around and playing with the application itself, which needless to say, looks quite brilliant when it comes to design and aesthetics. The application is available on the Google Play Store and should be compatible with devices running Android 2.2 and higher. The app is available for free. If you are interested to know more about the application and want to stay updated with the development or would like to pitch an idea, please free to visit the original thread. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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