Digg Patriots All Ready to Respond

On 5th of august, alternet published a story exposing a conservative group named “Digg Patriots” involved in massive censorship of political stories in form of Bury Brigade.

The story pulled over 10,000 diggs, 2000 comments and shook everyone on the Digg. The amount of proof presented by alternet made everyone to believe on the existence and operations of Digg Patriots.

It is obvious that someone from alternet was doing an undercover job in the group. While the matter was reported to Digg by many users on the same day, most of the Digg Patriots listed still continue to use their accounts.

In response to the story by alternet, Digg Patriots are all set to tell their side of the story on “Banned on the Web” show tonight at 10 pm EST.

You can join the Facebook event page.

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