Digg Version 4 and New CEO Just a Week Away

According to an interview with Kevin Rose that bloomberg just published moments ago, the Digg v4 would be launched by the end of next week along with a new CEO who has already been shortlisted.

Since the alpha launch of Digg v4, it has been target of great criticism by the most active users of the community, yet, Kevin, the founder, has made up his mind to launch the Digg v4 as it is without any changes. Kevin believes they have lost viewership compared to last year and they have to stay fresh and come up with new ideas to keep the social news site running.

While we strongly believe, the social factor from social news site is being taken away by allowing publishers to auto-submit their feeds.

The concept behind Digg v4 is to transform the power from users to publishers and we keep emphasizing on the fact why are power users important.

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