Did you ever give out your number to someone and then completely regretted it wishing you had never done so? Have you ever wanted a separate number for all your ‘extra-curricular’ activities but cannot afford to buy another cellphone for that number? You know how we all go to clubs and bars and give out our numbers to complete and total strangers and then usually are bothered by that particular number for ages. Well, burner is one application that can help you with all of that stuff.


We have seen it in movies many times. There is a guy or a girl who would just call up a random number in order to threaten or demand something or maybe even leave an anonymous tip. After making that phone that very person would just destroy the cellphone in order to get rid of the ‘evidence’. Of course it is possible in movies because they are just that but what if you could do that in the real world, only you would not have to destroy your only cellphone rather you get to keep it and still get away with it?

All you have to do is install this application which is completely free on the Google Play Store. You will be provided with one free number after installing this application however, you are going to have to pay if you need more ‘disposable’ numbers. That’s not all. The number will have its own voicemail so people can actually leave messages to you which will all be available to access through the Burner application. You will also have an entirely separate address book within the application for all those people whom you give this number out to. You will be able to set different ring tones for different contacts and finally the ability to share this pseudo-number through various social networks and e-mail.

If you are looking to avoid giving out your actual credentials to strangers, all you need to do is download this application and find out your number and give that to those strangers and you will be all set. This can come in handy if you are trying to sell someone something, or buy from them and even for dating and stuff. It’s up to you how you use it but if you think about it, having a disposable phone number actually have loads of applications, good and bad both. Burner has your back covered.

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