One of the primary things one can do with an Android device is the infinite customization is has to offer. Amongst all the things that you might alter, the major customization efforts go to the homescreen and with the billion home launchers that the Google Play Store has to offer one can change their home screen in several different ways and it is not that hard too. One member of the popular android forums XDA came up with a home launcher that would alter your home screen to give it a really elegant look. At least that’s what we believe.

Buzz Launcher

Buzz Launcher is an android application that is only available to work with OS 4.0.1 or greater, quite unfortunate for those who run lower than that, but that is how the developer intended it at least. You can, in an instant, download different home screens, apply them onto your device and share them if you so wish. You can even create your own home screens to give it a more personal touch by using features such as ‘Multi-Wallpapers’ and ‘My Icons’. There is a custom widget add-on that would give you access to widgets such as, clock, date and battery etc. These are few of those widgets that pretty much every one like to add on their home screen. The best part is that if you are not satisfied with the default widget view, you can actually modify it to make it look any way you want. Once you believe that you have your home screen set up in a perfect way and you think it is unique, you can share it using the one-touch upload feature for others to look at. The Following features are also offered:

MULTI-GRID: you can designate different grids for each screen (up to 12×12)

MANAGE FOLDERS: you can make folders in app drawers/Homescreen, modify folder image, and resize folders

MANAGE APPS: features for viewing most frequently used apps, recently installed apps, and hiding apps

MANAGE APP DRAWERS: Screen concept is applied to app drawers so you can manage apps by screens

GESTURE SUPPORT: Glide up, Glide down, Double tab and more.

Previewing is supported for various view settings.

One of the best things about the launcher is that if you don’t have the time or dexterity to make your own home screen, there are over 300 options available to you that you can download; cheers to that! Try it out and let us know what you think.

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