Download Torrents at School/College or Work

Most of the time you can’t use p2p or torrent clients at your college or work. Proxy sites won’t work because p2p clients do not work through browsers. In that case you can use Jondos Jap an anonymity application. I am attaching snaps of the settings you may have to do at jap and your torrent application. These settings are for utorrent.

Settings for Jap:

Please note that the host IP in picture below “” was the IP at my college. You will have to put your respective IP here.

Settings for UTorrent:

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  1. Oh yea … the proxy lukd sumwhat familiar … m gna try this ryt now … would give feed back about it :)

  2. Does this work with other softwares like ultrasurf or is jap required ? ….
    i tried with ultrasurf … but its not working

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