Facebook Breaking Privacy Laws

As reported by privacy commissioner at Canada, Facebook is breaking privacy laws by passing private information to application developers. The report says that the information given to users about privacy is always either incomplete or too confusing. In order to comply with Canada’s privacy laws Facebook needs to take much greater responsibility.

Privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart says

“It’s clear that privacy issues are top of mind for Facebook, and yet we found serious privacy gaps in the way the site operates,”

The investigation, prompted by a complaint from the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic, identified several areas where Facebook needs to better address privacy issues and bring its practices in line with Canadian privacy law.

Facebook has been seriously violating many of its terms and they have been reported by many renowned newspapers, publications and magazines.

Dawn a renowned newspaper at Pakistan says

You willingly post your personal and professional information, publish all the one hundred and six photos which you took at your annual dinner, and discuss the latest happenings in your college with all your friends. All this while, you may be totally oblivious to where this information is being stored and how it will be used.

The recent brouhaha surrounding Facebook and the way it changed its privacy policy, is by no means the only controversy which has enveloped this particular social networking service. Facebook has been the focus of quite a lot of criticism over the years. And yes, these concerns relate to privacy and privacy only.

the new conditions stated that Facebook would retain the information of its users, even if the users delete it from Facebook

Techcrunch also reported in 2007 that the source code of Facebook was leaked and was published on blogs. Facebook has become need of many of us and we even rely on Facebook for our businesses and simply can not stop using it. Some serious actions should be taken against Facebook so it may start acting responsible.

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