What happens with you during the day or the night depends pretty much on what you do, but most importantly it is all about the company you keep and the people you meet and spend time with. This particular application is meant to make sure that you meet the right people every time and have fun with them.


There are many applications that are built around the concept of socializing, because that is what it is all about these days; socializing. With the arrival of mobile phones and widespread usage of internet, the idea of being social has escalated to another level and we are coming up with newer ways to socialize with every passing day. All these gadgets and technologies make sure that you are always at the right place at the right time and almost every time with the right people.

The problem happens when nothing is planned. Of course if you plan everything out and meet with the same friends of yours, chances are that you will end up having a great time. But if you have nothing planned, and you head out just like this, chances are it won’t be that fun and that’s where Swarmly comes in. Swarmly is an application that will assist you with the spontaneity.

What it basically does is shares your location and others around you who use this application. You download the application, fill up some basic data about you such your sex, age and few other details and just make sure you GPS is turned on and the application will take care of the rest. Give it a minute and it should be able to tell you where all the party is happening and flocks of interesting people are swarming off to. You have the ability to use live-sharing. You can create your own Swarms (you can choose to stay anonymous or broadcast the Swarm) and hope for people to come to you or otherwise see what others are attracted to go join the fun. Rest assured though that others need to be using Swarmly otherwise you probably will not get the desired results.

This application is probably the simplest to use, it updates real nice and it is very user-friendly. It provides you with all the possible elements you would require of this sort of an application which makes it pretty decent. It does the job perfectly though let’s just give it time to refine even more; worth a shot nonetheless.

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