Free Licenses Giveaway: RadioTracker, Download Free Legal Music

Being a musician and a tech blogger, I love to review music related applications and softwares. Few days back I reviewed “Guitar Rig” to convert your computer into full-fledged rock machine. Today I will be reviewing “RadioTracker” an award winning application by RapidSoultion, which allows you to download music legally.

Before even downloading RadioTracker, I was carried away by the number of awards it won. RadioTracker basically allows you to listen and record music from over 20,000 web radio stations providing you with songs by over 70,000 artists. With a very friendly layout, you can search for songs from the huge database and narrow down your results with respect to specific genres. The “wish-list” feature revolutionizes the idea even more. You can simply add the favorite artist to the wish-list and as soon as the song gets played on any of the 20,000 radios, RadioTracker rips it for you, allowing you to enjoy 100 percent legal and free music. Statistics show that Radiotracker’s MusicFinder fulfills a music wish every 25 seconds. This isn’t all, RadioTracker apart from bringing you your favorite music for free in seconds, also populates the music with ID3 tags, lyrics and album cover art. It also allows you create ring-tones and podcast your music. You can add effects to the music, cut parts of it, create play-lists and play around as much as you like. It brings you the highest quality music from the web ranging from 192 to 320 kbit/s. With a filter feature it makes sure you never download a song which is already part of the music library.

RadioTracker is one of those very few softwares which I call as idea turned into reality. An application claimed to be the most-sold and internationally most-often awarded Web radio MusicFinder. A software with over 45 awards with an average rating of more than 4/5. RadioTracker is something each one of us needs.

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