There is absolutely no service you can use without registering first which means you have a host of usernames and passwords tangled up somewhere in your memory and honestly it gets really annoying at times. Sure it seems as if this is all about storing your usernames and passwords but Dashlane is a lot more than just your average password saver. It can secure more information than your average protector for instance, your contact information, notes, receipts, and even payment information etc. All you will ever need to access that information is one username and one password and everything will be open to you rendering the ‘forgot my password’ and the likes feature useless.


Everything works via a ‘master key’ that you and only you are aware of and rest is handled by encryption and decryption. You can save a usernames and passwords for host of websites, all you need to do is enter them once and you can visit the website via the application itself. While this might be the primary function of majority of password managers out there, Dashlane will allow you to save your personals as well for example, your notes, IDs and payment information. It will even allow you to save contacts that you don’t want others seeing and attach information to them including but not limited to identity, phone, address, email, company and website etc. It will also allow you to save information such as ID Card Number, Passport information, driver’s license, social security statements and tax numbers and all of that is safe, far from anyone you could possibly think of. On top of all this, Dashlane will effectively save information on many of your credit cards, bank statement and PayPal details etc. One downside here is that in the android version of the application, Dashlane does not allow you to view the receipts it saves if you make a purchase online. One of the more striking features is the ability to save notes. You can put absolutely any information on the notes you want and encrypt them using your master key and encryption and hide them away from the world, for all we care, you could upload your entire journal if you so wish.

Dashlane works perfectly and you should not come across any major glitches. It is fast and smooth with an easy interface. Managing passwords and other sensitive information cannot be easier. If you are roll around with half your mind crammed up with information you’d likely type down and forget, Dashlane is the way for you to go.

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