Google Introduces New Format for Adsense Units

Google has just announced revamped new look of three of their most popular ad units: 300*250, 336*280 and 728*90. Google says it has made this decision after a lot of analysis and user feedback. The new format will be more user and space friendly, more appealing to the eye and will generate a higher CTR.

Following will be the key changes:

  • Leaderboard will have title, URL and description in a single row instead of columns
  • Rectangles will have URL in same row as title.

You can preview the new adsense units below

Google says on the official adsense blog

During testing, the redesigned ads performed extremely well. We’ll continue to experiment and innovate on our formats to help you monetize your content, and we encourage you to submit ideas in the comments below.

These units will be publicly available in the next few weeks.

[via Adsense Blog]

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