Google Didn’t Remove Oracle from Search Index [Updated]

Yesterday, Oracle filled a lawsuit against Google. Oracle spokesperson Karen Tillman simply said

“In developing Android, Google knowingly, directly and repeatedly infringed Oracle’s Java-related intellectual property. This lawsuit seeks appropriate remedies for their infringement.”

Google responded quietly but harshly by removing all the pages indexed from around 3:00 PM EST

However, around 8:00 PM EST things got back to normal and Google started to rank all the pages from Oracle again probably after realizing that it was a D move.

This obviously doesn’t seem to be a reasonable thing to do by a search giant and falls under extremely unprofessional business practice. [via IPWatchDog]


Apparently the complete story by IPWatchDog was made up and Google never removed the results from searches. On having a look at that image again, I noticed that Google only brought up “6 Results” and smelled a rat. The search query is tempered with variety of UTF-8 characters [via Invisible to the Eye]

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