If you are a busy person chances are that you keep a well-fed organizer with you to keep track of all your activities and things that you have to do. Frankly, keeping a manual around at all times can be a bit bothersome at times and you know better than anyone else that you need it. You will always have projects to deliver, deadlines to meet, expenses and business trips to keep track of and various other things and all of these activities require a lot of note-taking. Again, if you are a busy person, your secretary will not always be around you and you might not even have a secretary or an assistant for that matter.


Timesheet is one of those applications that will help you keep track of everything that you do, and might want to do. There are many useful tools built into this tiny little package that will help you keep track of when you worked, when you didn’t work, when you took a leave, whether that leave was paid or unpaid and whatever else you could think of it – actually the name says it all. If you are on a business trip this application will help you keep track of all those expenses you incur that after returning you have no idea where you spent. Additionally, the application will record your mileage since it is brilliantly integrated with Google Maps. You can then export all the data saved by this application to a spreadsheet for example, Microsoft Excel. There is also a neat little feature known by the name of Project Tracker telling you exactly how much time you spent on a particular project. The application will generate reports for you and you can attach many different types of files with those reports to complement them. Furthermore, you have the ability to interact with many cloud services as well, such as Google Docs, Dropbox etc.

If you are looking for a handy application that help you keep track of your time, this is one application that might be able to help you. You shouldn’t wait to download this application if of course it applies to you. The developer is currently working on the application and is looking for your quality feedback. So if you feel like there is something missing or if there is a feature that you would like to have on this application, you might want to try it out and let the developer know in order for him to include it in his next update.

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