Mozilla Announces JetPack 0.3

Jetpack is a Firefox based plug in which allows you to write Firefox extensions with simple HTML, JS, CSS & Jquery with no extra skills than it takes you to create apps on open web. Mozilla announces the launch of JetPack 0.3 today. It will add some new features and will also improve your existing API.

Compatibilty: JetPack 0.3 is only compatible with Firefox 3.5.

Whats new in 0.3:

URL Shortening:

You will be able to easily shorten the URL of current page and copy it to clipboard just with a single click. URL shortening will be done by Check out the demo and the API documentation. The example of that can be seen here:


You can play with your current selected text. Selecting the text can add as much colors to it as you like. Take a look at the demo and API documentation.

JetPack 3.0 also provides some other cool features. Install now and improve your Firefox’s API.

Learn more about Jetpack at Mozilla Labs.

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