In the Google Play Store, there are currently two versions available for this extremely awesome launcher for you android device. As always, one of these versions is free while the other will cost you around £2.60. The current free version is 2.0.2 while the paid version is at 1.1. Both of these versions are compatible with Android devices running OS 4.0 or higher. There are plenty of reasons for such a high requirement. This is not your average launcher and will offer way more features than usual. All you need to decide is whether you will be going with the paid version or the free one and the rest is history. This shouldn’t be much of a problem considering android 4.0 was released a while back and chances are many phones are now running 4.0 or higher.

Nova Launcher

You have the options of picking whatever color you fancy for the entire launcher using a color picker with the additional feature of adding ADW Launcher or Go Launcher icons. You can keep all of your favorite applications on the dock with support for seven different icons on a page and three different pages. You can choose for your app drawer to be transparent and choose scrolling style between horizontal or vertical. They also offer many different scrolling effects including the famous cube and cardstack if you are into that kind of thing. Moreover, they offer the much common infinite scroll option where you don’t have to swipe back and forth, instead you could just keep swiping in one direction and you’d be able visit all the screens. You have the ability of choosing a background for your icons. The best part is the ability to backup and restore your settings and layout which comes in really handy once you reinstall the launcher and want to revert to the original settings by you. You can also add widgets in the dock; the only condition is that it has to be size 1×1. Furthermore, you can overlap widgets with the option to bring either at front. All of the aforementioned features are basic and it can do much more once you pay for the launcher which in our honest opinion is not that much considering the classy stuff done by the developers.

The functionality of the app is perfectly smooth with increased responsiveness. The launcher runs with a glitch and if you come across any, you can always let the developer know about it. We hope you enjoy the launcher. Make sure you to let us know what you guys think in the comments.

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