Do you guys watch anime? If so, you would probably already know a few words in the Japanese language. More than that, you probably feel like learning it a bit better as well; I know I do. Japanese is one of the hardest languages to learn and it sounds really cool too. Even if you don’t watch anime, learning another language is a huge plus on your resume and you are bound to beneficiate from it sometimes in your life. This application is helpful tool for you if you are in the middle of learning Japanese. It is a free application available on the Google Play Store. It is also a great tool to help you read and write the Japanese language, hiragana and katakana (two basis Japanese alphabets).


Obenkyo means study in the Japanese language. If you already possess some basic knowledge of the language, this application will help you greatly. If you are enrolled in a Japanese learning program, this app will prove extremely useful. The design of the application is simple with the main menu offering sections of alphabets, vocabulary, particles, etc. You can also access study mode and test mode where you can learn and test yourself with your language capabilities. The study section will list everything you need in order to practice for the test whether it is writing, reading, vocabulary or grammar, you will find everything there. You will also have access to a complete table of Hiragana characters. The application has a very useful section explaining particles and grammar. The explanation for particles is not that comprehensive because there are just too many ways to use them. The tests prove to be most useful where you complete sentences, fill in particles, etc. and this serves as the ultimate tool to learn grammar; you remember how you learned the English language right?

If you are looking to learn the Japanese language this is a free learning tool that can help you achieve. You can study and test yourself in various methods. There is no voice support available, little or no automation exists and the application is not useful to make conversations. If you consider the fact that it is a free tool, the effort from the developers is appreciation-worthy. This is one educational application that all of you out there (learning Japanese of course) should try. You should know though that this is one of the most difficult languages on Earth and this will not be the only thing you will need.

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