You must be aware of the fact that Android smartphones are more likely to be attacked by malwares and viruses potentially putting all your important data at risk (please take a look at the antivirus application we reviewed to help you with that). While this is a major problem for Android users there are ways you can help prevent the ‘loss of data’ from happening. You could have a brilliant antivirus application installed or otherwise make sure that your data is always backed up and stored in a safe cloud storage. There is no need for alarm because there haven’t been many reported incidences where loss of data was the problem.

Orange Backup 1.26

Orange Backup v1.26 is one application that can keep all your backin-up needs at bay with its brilliant software. It should be able to backup all your data to a cloud storage with one single tap. Orange Backup can help you with making a backup, zipping it and uploading it to either Dropbox or Google Drive. You can also choose to not upload the backup since that is only a plus. You can set the time for when the backup happens whether it is every day (at a specific time) or alternative days or weekly or monthly, whichever you prefer. After making a backup, you do not need to restart the device like you normally have to do, you phone will function normally after the backup is made so don’t bother. The application also supports CWM and TWRP. One thing you should know is that all of your data, and I mean all of it, is backed up and stored away in Nandroid format. The zip is made automatically and you have the option to split the zips if you so feel the need. The data is automatically uploaded to cloud storage if you so wish and you can even set the time to automatically delete old backups. You have many advanced options to play with such as incremental backup and partition selection etc. You have the ability to uninstall any system application if you need and/or kill an application at any time. It is also compatible with Nandroid manager.

If you want to request a feature you can put it on this list. The interface to this application is quite elegant and as you can see in the picture above, it is not only compatible with your phones it also works just as perfectly with tablets. The support for CWM and TWRP however is still in beta testing. The application is absolutely free to download here and it goes without saying that your phone will have to be rooted to use this.

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