Remove/Edit Copyrights and Meta From Mp3 (Audios) & Videos

If you download Mp3 and video files frequently, you must already be familiar with copyrights and meta information on the files. Most of the sites put their copyrights on the audio files. So, when the file gets distributed, others may know who leaked the file or from where was it downloaded.

If you want to keep your files clean or distribute them with your copyrights, then couple of softwares might help you to remove previous copyrights. I am going to share 2 methods below that work best for me.

dBpowerAMP Music Converter:

This is the official site of the software. You can always look for free torrents at Google. I recommend you to use the software with all plug-ins so it may allow you to edit meta tags of each file.

Recommended plug-ins:

  • dBpowerAMP-codec-mp4
  • dBpowerAMP-codec-DirectShowDecoder
  • dBpowerAMP-codec-aactomp4
  • dBpowerAMP-codec-musepack
  • dBpowerAMP-codec-ogg
  • dBpowerAMP-codec-wmav91
  • dbpoweramp-encoder-ra

These plug-ins will enable editing for files in all formats. You can leave plug-ins aside if all you care about is editing MP3s.

After installing the software, you can follow the following tutorial to edit tags:

  • Right click the media file you want to edit.
  • Click on “Edit Tags”
  • Simply edit the tags, add your own tags.
  • Save.

    Now that was simple, wasn’t it?

    Method 2: Re-creating the file:

    Sometimes tags are a lot worse than we think. A lot of softwares can’t edit them. DbPoweramp only allows you to edit the universal tags but sometimes there are media player specific tags e.g Windows Media Player can add few tags which are not universal tags. These tags may include album covers, websites, URLs etc. You can always manually remove these extra tags but the best choice here is to re-create the file. dBpowerAmp is not only a tag editor but a codec converter too. You can simply convert the file and the newly born file won’t have the tags. Since both methods use dBPowerAmp, I prefer to use it over any other tags removing software.

    To re-create the file:

    • You need to have dBPowerAmp installed.
    • Right click the media file and click convert to.
    • Select conversion type and bit-rate. Keep it same as the original file as you don’t wish to change the quality of file.
    • Un-check Preserve ID tags.
    • Convert.

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