Rooting is perhaps the best thing you can do to an android smartphone in order to get hold of the massive power that runs under the hood. There are many tools you can use in order to root your phone and while many are simple, there are some that might confuse you a little. Of course, it will be easier for people who are into these things and would often root and unroot their device. It can turn out to be quite frustrating as well. Nearly every android device has a root exploit available and some of them even have an official root application. But this is more than that.

Root Transmission

Rooting would usually require you to hook your mobile up with your laptop or any computer that you might have, use a USB cable and run some sort of a utility. Root Transmission will allow you to remove the PC from this particular concept. This application allows you to connect two different android devices together using a USB cable and root one of them via sending commands across the cable. So basically, one of the cell phones will be playing the role of a computer in this little scenario. It goes without saying the device acting as your PC will need to be rooted and you will need a USB OTG cable in order to link the two devices. Of course it might be easier for you to just use a computer, but every so often your run into situations where you just don’t have a computer available or otherwise it does not have the required utilities for rooting your cellphone. This application is a handy alternative. So far, this application is capable of rooting only a handful of device such as the first gen. Amazon Kindle Fire, Verizon Samsung Galaxy SIII, International Samsung Galaxy Note II, Verizon Samsung Droid Charge, and Verizon Motorola Droid. More will obviously show up as the device grows older and is updated. That being said, work is constantly being done by the developers on the back-end.

Please rest assured that Rewrite Tech does not take responsibility if you damage your device. You might want to visit the original thread over at the XDA forums (you should also be able to find the application and everything you need in the forum) in order to help you with the entire process. Scripts are an important part of this entire application and you need to be extra careful when running those.

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