For all you guys who enjoying rooting their devices, we have a good news for you. You can now root XXLT5 Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean right onto your Galaxy Note N7000. This is the official firmware so you don’t need to worry about a thing except for following the guide as it is. You will need to flash a rooting kernel to your phone which will help in rooting. Knowing that you will lose your personal data and settings so you should backup your phone before you continue with the procedure. Rewritetech will not be responsible for any damage to your device. Check the guide after the break.

Root XXLT5 Android 4.1.2 on Galaxy Note N7000 Jelly Bean Official Firmware

First of all you will need to download this file, PhilZ-cwm6-XXLT5-OXX-5.03.0.tar.md5. Please click here to do that. Second, you will need Odin 3.07 which you can download right here. Third, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download the file and store at a safe location of your choice

Step 2: Extract and install the file if you don’t already have it

Step 3: Switch your phone off and make sure you keep it that way in order to complete the power down cycle

Step 4: You will need to put your Note to Download Mode. To do that you will need to power on your device by pressing and holding the volume down button, home button and the power button (of course)

Step 5: Run Odin as an administrator

Step 6: Connect your device to the PC using the USB cable that was provided. Odin should identify the device and notify you that the device has been added. If you it doesn’t detect then use a different USB port. If that doesn’t work then please reinstall the USB drivers.

Step 7: Click the PDA button and select the file that you just downloaded and make sure Auto Reboot and F. Reset is checked. Once you are certain of everything, click the START button and be patient

Step 8: Once your device has been rooted, it should restart and you should be good to go.

Congratulations, your device is now rooted with the latest Jelly Bean Firmware running. If you have any issues you can always comment and someone will reply in order to help you with your problem or otherwise you can search the internet. Please rest assured that Rewritetech will not be responsible for any damage so please do the aforementioned at your own risk.

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