Remember those times when your best friend or some important member of the family has their birthday or some major event and you have to wish them but forget or fall asleep? Every person I know has been through a similar situation once in their lifetime and they have always wanted an application that would automatically send the intended person a message on your behalf at the time and date of your choosing. Well, that is entirely possible but it is not limited to only SMS with the application we have for you today.


Schemes is a very simple application which looks brilliant and is incredibly simple to use as well. It will allow you to send messages via SMS, post a status on Facebook, Tweet and even send an e-mail (G-mail only) according to a schedule that you will set. If you want to send a birthday text and post a status for that special someone of yours, but you need to sleep early and just cannot afford to stay awake till midnight, this application will help you out. You can tweet during meetings (of course you will have to come up with witty things to say before you actually go to the meeting and schedule them as so) but the possibilities and practicality of the application are limitless. If you are to send an important e-mail but already have your hands full and there are chances that you might forget about it, again, this application will help you out sending it for you. This is a free application that is available on the Google Play Store for free and supports Android devices running 3.0 or higher. The application is in BETA stage so please expect crashes but you might not face most of them. If you run into some kind of trouble, you can always contact the developer and he is sure to find a fix for you.

The interface is really clean (Holo UI). Once the scheduled messages are sent, a notification will also appear in the notifications area. If you send a message using the application, that message will be stored in the appropriate thread in your native messaging application. You can obviously choose to cancel a schedule too. There are many applications that will provide similar functions but you will not find a more comprehensive application and especially one that looks so brilliant. Let us know what you guys think in the comments below.

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