Are you one of those guys who make a journal? Are you into privacy and secrecy a lot? Do you feel like everything on your cellphone is your property and no other has the right to lay eyes on it? No matter what the case be, there are instances when there are things (texts, notes etc.) we don’t want other people to see. If that is the case with you, you might want to give this application a shot.

Burn Note

The name clearly gives out exactly what the application is meant for. It is meant to hide anything that is text. Use this application and anything that has letters in it, will be hidden away from prying eyes for good and that includes those ‘cheating’ messages or otherwise obscene texts – you know what we’re saying. This particular application does not actually hide the messages you sent. It actually makes sure that the messages that you send destruct themselves upon being read.  That message will not open twice and even the recipient will only get to read it once.  As soon as the intended user receives the message and opens it, a countdown timer begins after which the message will be deleted including any traces of the application itself and the message ever being sent.  There are people who might try and get a bit clever and might think of taking a screenshot of the message. But guess what, that is not going to happen, thanks to this application and this system is currently patent-pending. Messages are even deleted from the server. While that is amazing, the catch is that these texts can only be sent using the Burn Note users and only transferred between the users who use the same application. To put it simply, it works Burn Note to Burn Note.

While there are applications that might let you save the texts under a secure password, this particular removes the message itself. You cannot see whatever is sent more than once, the entire trace of the message is deleted from the server and there is absolutely no record of it every existing. The application of this particular software might be limited as of now, but it is sure to increase with the rise in trust levels. Let’s face it, who wants other people budging into your business and that’s exactly what happens. You lend your cellphone to someone for a while and they just dig deep down to the roots of it to uncover your secrets. That will not happen anymore.

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