If you are into voice commands to make your phone do all the work listening to a few words from you (it does feel cool), then you are probably into loads of voice assistants. Why shouldn’t you be? There are loads of personal assistants like that available on the Google Play Store including Vlingo, Alice, EVA, Omega, Iris, etc. All of these aforementioned assistants are not all there. They all have their pros and cons in terms of responsiveness, accuracy, engines and the ability to deal with different accents. Well, brace yourself because something really awesome has just come up.


The developer for Sherpa Personal Assistant openly claims on the Google Play Store that whatever you need from your phone, just say it and it will be done. More than that, Sherpa can also predict exactly what you might need. The best part about this is that these are not mere claims; these bellows from the developers are actually true. Sherpa will learn about what you like and it knows where you are in order to give your accurate information if you are looking for weather and stuff like that. This is a lightning fast personal assistant that will respond to whatever you say within seconds and the accuracy of the engine is just mind blowing. What can you do? Well, you can open applications, make phone calls, play music, update your Facebook status, access online information, set appointments, search for local information. Moreover, you can transfer funds on PayPal too. How cool is that? You can do all of the above with the power of your voice and that too quite swiftly and in a matter of seconds.  The application is extremely fast to operate, is very easy to use and does not affect the performance of your phone. There are many five star reviews that you will find on the Play Store.

The application is at a current version of right now and is available for free at the Store. It should be compatible with any android device running OS 2.2 and up. This application has loads to offer and one important thing to consider is that it is only a BETA right now which proves that this app still has a long way to go. The assistant will perform most of the functions that are available with other personal assistants and that too an estimated five times faster. Try it out and let us know what you think.

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