The world would be so beautiful if you could listen to your favorite music channels on the radio without those annoying advertisements. But nothing comes for free and so we have to bear with them. The annoying part is that a song sets your mood and it is completely destroyed by the following advert. On top of that, we have to listen to all that chatter for absolutely no reason. We put on radio to lighten the mood during a long, hard drive and all you get to listen are people talking, or those adverts. So what can you do about that?


Well, thank the technological era of musical streaming where you do not have to listen to the two things mentioned above and most of all, you get to listen to what you want and this particular application lets you do that on a free trial or subscription base. Rdio is perhaps one of the more beautiful looking applications that we have come across. You play any music and it will have a nice little album art to take up majority of the screen just to give it some color. If you want to get rid of that to get to your track list, just scroll down and you will be brought to your track list in a nice, swift manner. The player controls are on the screen so you can easily pause/play, skip forward and skip backward. The best part is that once you run the application, you will have access to the ‘remote’ in your notifications area whereby you can access it no matter what you are doing. You also have the ability to download music to your phone in case you wander off to an area with no reception and want to listen to your favorite music offline. If you have an SD card or built-in memory full of songs, Rdio application should detect it and automatically display it for you to play.

It is up to you if you want to stream music with Wi-Fi or mobile data. With all being said, this application is a brilliant one to give a shot. It runs perfectly clean with absolutely no glitches and allows you play your music whether you are connected to the internet or not. It has a neat interface, very user-friendly and you should not have any difficulty getting used to the application and use it as your main music streaming application.

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