Transferring files between android devices isn’t all the difficult using Bluetooth and all. But sometimes, there are instances when you are in need to transfer bigger files and Bluetooth can actually turn out to be really slow, moreover, it keeps you stationary (more or less) considering that in order to maintain the Bluetooth link you have to stay within a certain radius. There is a better and faster option for you to transfer files between your devices now and that better option is called SuperBeam which is a free application compatible with Android 4.0 and higher, and also available at the Google Play Store.


The application makes use of WiFi Direct and transfers the selected files between different devices. You can pair the devices using the QR Code (the scanner is included so don’t worry about that) and even NFC (in which case you would need an NFC enabled cellphone). The following features are offered by SuperBeam:

  • Allows sharing of different files between devices using either NFC or QR Code Scanning;
  • The transfer speeds are really quick considering it happens over WiFi direct;
  • If your device does not support WiFi direct, the device will automatically shift to hotspot mode;
  • You can share a single file, or select multiple files for transfers;
  • Multiple formats are compatible (photos, zip files, APKs, etc.) – basically everything;
  • If you are running third-party photo galleries or file managers, there are no compatibility issues;
  • Two beautiful themes are available in dark and light;
  • If you are really into these things, loads of advanced settings are available for you to play with.

If you are running a Custom ROM, you must already be aware that they are not perfect with handling WiFi direct in which case please follow the following steps to switch to tethering or hotspot mode:

  • Open the SuperBeam Scanner application;
  • Tap Options and then hit Settings;
  • Hit the Advanced Settings tab and select Preferred Direct Method;
  • Choose Hotspot as your method and;
  • Close the application. You should be able to make a transfer now.

This application will create an access point using WiFi Direct APIs. One thing when you use WiFi direct is that it get rids of the acceptance prompt which can turn out to be really annoying. The application should work perfectly on devices running over 4.1 but is also compatible with 4.0. try the application and if you have any issues or bugs to report, please visit the following page for more help, User Voice.

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