Track Any Phone / Person With Number Using App for Android

If you worry about your family and their whereabouts especially so if you live in a dangerous neighborhood (and why should you not?) chances are that this little application will turn out to be really handy by helping you track any phone that runs android. You can use this application to track the whereabouts and […]

Bring Rounded Screen Corners to Android using RoundR

This application is for you if you are tired of those sharp edges that you really can’t do anything about. Your software is designed that way. While I personally do not mind having sharp edges (makes the screen look even bigger), some would prefer a rounded edge because it does seem more alluring and stylish. […]

Prof Reminder Reminds if you Missed an SMS or Call

Many times during the day you receive an important SMS or a call that you completely miss until you check your phone to make a call or something like that on a whim and notice that message. While it is harmless and doesn’t really matter, sometimes, it so happens that the call or SMS you […]

TakeABreak lets you Find Water Fountains, Restaurants and Public Restrooms

There is a lot you can do with an Android smartphone especially with the boatload of applications that are available. It doesn’t all stop there because everyday we come across newer ideas and developers are busy turning those ideas into applications to make things better and easier for us. Your android device is a hub […]

Pocket Converter is there for all your Conversion Needs

We are certain you are aware of that extremely frustrating moment when you have to do a bit of conversion from one unit to another. There are a million of units that are used all around the world to represent some sort of a quantity and a normal human brain cannot handle all those little […]