Update Galaxy S2 i777 with UCMD8

The new firmware to update Galaxy S2 i777 with UCMD8 was recently released. The update fixes various bugs and comes with a lot of enhancements and of course the Jelly Bean tag. If you haven’t already updated your phone, this particular tutorial will guide you on how to that step-by-step.┬áPlease do not use the downloaded […]

Update Galaxy S2 to Android 4.1.2 XWLSW [How-To]

Samsung has only recently released another official update which is meant to update Galaxy S2 to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean for the built I9100XWLSW. This update has been rolled out to users in United Kingdom and Ireland. There are many reported bug fixes in this particular update and other enhancements compared to the previous built. […]

Root XWLST Jelly Bean Android 4.1.2 on Galaxy S2 I9100

The new Jelly Bean Software for the Galaxy S2 I9100 is being rolled out in different countries as we speak. You can now root your handset to the XWLST Android 4.1.2 official firmware by following this simple tutorial. Please do understand that this tutorial is for Samsung S2 I9100 only and is not to be […]

Swype Finally Lands on the Google Play Store

A touch screen phone without a keyboard is basically the most useless thing you will ever see. It is the most important part of communication without which the entire process is fairly impossible. That is the reason why so many applications are developed in order to help ease the process. How efficient you are with […]