The official Twitter application for android was updated recently giving it a complete overhaul. The update received mixed reviews from android users. While some completely loved the new look, others were not completely satisfied with the sacrificed features. If you have not updated the application yet, you might want to update it and give it a shot.


The latest Twitter look was designed based on Android 4.0 and higher with an extremely elegant-looking interface. You can now navigate through your Twitter app seamlessly by simple swipe gestures. Another very promising change made to the application is for the users who are writing a tweet. You will be able to see @username and #hashtag suggestions which makes the composition all the while easier and quite practical as well. Users can also download and install favorite applications from Tweets. The overall performance of the new update is pretty amazing. The user interface is clean, responsive and quiet fast. A lot of minor bugs were fixed and the overall application was significantly improved.

With all the improvements made, some users are not all that happy with the update. You should be able to see many comments on the Google Play suggesting that many users are unsatisfied with the changes made. There have been complaints about the font and the size of the font that has been used throughout the application especially in reference to the new tweets. Some users are even complaining of the application being force closed for some phones however, this is very rare. You will not be able to access the settings menu using the default setting button on an android handset. You have to enter the ‘Me’ panel and click the settings wheel in order to access Twitter settings which previously were available on every panel via the settings button (annoying but let’s face it, you don’t really access settings all that often). While going through your timeline you must have noticed that you can no longer swipe on tweets allowing you to be presented with different options such as reply, retweet etc. This is one of the most liked features of the previous versions which is no longer accessible.

For all its worth, the update is definitely worth it. It is easy on the eyes and looks quite classy as well. The colors are sharper and the application is quick. We would prefer the newer update over the previous version any day. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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