Rooting is the key to bring out the maximum potential of your Android powered cellphone. But there are times when you have to bring back your device to its stock system and that requires for you to unroot your device. There are many ways that you can use in order to unroot your cellphone once it has been rooted, but would it not be awesome if there were an application that would literally allow you to unroot any device with just a tap? The good news is that such an app actually exists. More good news is that it only costs around $0.99. One thing that is wrong with rooting is that it renders your device void of warranty and you no longer receive over-the-air updates. So it is always important to know how to unroot.

Universal Unroot

Universal Unroot is one application that will unroot your device with a single tap bringing your cellphone back to its original state. All you need to do is simply download it from the Play Store and you are good to go, understand though that you do need to be rooted in order to use this application. Install the application, allow super user access and hit unroot. The device will reboot and you phone will be good as new and it works on almost every android device that you could possibly root and would want reverted. If you are looking to use that warranty of yours and need your cellphone repaired for free, this application will come in really handy. The author of the application was kind enough to give after-sales support. If you are having trouble unrooting any of your devices, all you need to do is e-mail the developer and he will soon be able to find a fix for you and will deliver it by way of an update to the entire application. Should you run into any unexpected problems, the author of the application will still be at your disposal.

While this application will guarantee the use of your warranty, the author does make it perfectly clear that the application might not be able to solve over-the-air update issues with every single device, so if you are unrooting your device to get that update, there are chances that you still might not be able to do so; even after unrooting. Nonetheless, the application is really cheap for it does and how quickly it does it. Such an application always turn out to be a handy one.

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