Use Computer as Guitar Amplifier & Processor

Being a musician and a tech blogger, I’ve lots of cool guitar applications. When I started off playing guitar, tuning it was a difficult task for me. AP tuner is a simple cool free app that all the beginners might use for tuning their guitars.

Initially I didn’t have a processor with my guitar and so I came across this cool application called Guitar Rig. Guitar Rig allows you to convert your computer in to a guitar amplifier. With guitar rig you can play every effect pedal that is ever created and you dreamt of. The only con is that you need to have a very fast computer to avoid delay. The software also comes with a hardware pedal which can be connected to the computer via USB 2.0. The software cost 499 USD. For free download links you may search torrents at google.

To add some drum beats you may use Acoustica Beatcraft. This is what I used.

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