Watch Vimeo Videos on iPad and iPhone Using HTML 5

One of the biggest drawbacks of having no flash in your iPhone and iPad is not having the capability to view all the videos that require flash. If you love to explore your phone to fullest, I’m pretty sure you have already jailbroken the phone which also gives you a capability to install flash on your iphone. But if you haven’t, good news is that you can still view Vimeo videos with their upcoming universal HTML 5 player. The player will be releasing in couple of hours.

Below is the press release by Vimeo

NEW YORK, Aug. 17, 2010 – Online video sharing site Vimeo®, an operating business of IAC [NASDAQ: IACI], will release later today a Universal Player that allows people to watch embedded Vimeo videos on mobile devices such as iPhone or iPad using HTML5. The site has also added a new Watch Later feature into all versions of its player that allows viewers to mark a video for future viewing.

Universal Player:
“With the latest generation of browsers and devices, we’ve had huge demand for an embeddable player that works with HTML5 and on devices like iPad and iPhone,” said Andrew Pile, Vice President of Product and Development for Vimeo.

Vimeo’s new embeddable player detects the capabilities of the browser and will deliver the optimum player version (Flash, HTML5, or native) with the appropriate video definition (HD, SD, mobile) and playback codec (h.264, webm) – all while maintaining set customization and privacy features.

Pile added, “The new embeddable code is highly scalable and allows us to continue to add support as new browsers and devices are released, for example serving HTML5 to IE9 and our Flash mobile player to Android phones running Flash 10.1.”

Watch Later:
Watch Later is a one button solution that lets people save videos for later viewing. Vimeo built the Watch Later button into every version of the Vimeo player. Now, people can access their Watch Later videos by going to the Watch Later album on, the Vimeo channel on their Roku box or the Vimeo mobile site. It’s an easy way to queue up a high-quality playlist to enjoy when people have more time. The Watch Later feature will also be added to Vimeo’s API.

[via Gizmodo]

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