For all of you who follow the tutorials in this blog, you must have noticed that every tutorial asks for you to ensure correct USB drivers for your cellphone. This particular article lists down all the major USB drivers that you will need so if you don’t have any, all you need to do is click on one of the links below to download the drivers. Please click on the right link though. These drivers listed below are for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac OS X. Download the appropriate driver, install them and connect your device first to see if they are functional. These drivers below also support ADB and fastboot for Android Phones and Tablets.

USB Drivers

Google Nexus: Download Google Nexus Drivers

Samsung: Download Samsung USB Drivers or Download Samsung KIES (these files include the drivers for Windows and Mac)

HTC: Download HTC USB Drivers or Download HTC Sync Manager (these files include the drivers for Windows and Mac)

Motorola: Download Motorola USB Drivers (Motorola Device Manager)

Huawei: Download Huawei USB Drivers or Download HiSuite (these files include the drivers for Windows and Mac)

HTC MediaPad 10 FHD: Download Drivers

LG: Download LG USB Drivers; If you are looking for specific drivers, please go to the LG website > Search for product > Resources > Download driver

ASUS: Download ASUS USB Drivers or Download ASUS PC Suite (these files include the drivers for Windows and Mac)

SONY: Sony offers USB drivers and tools for Windows and Mac

ZTE: Download ZTE USB Driver.

DELL: Download DELL USB Drivers (device specific)

Fujitsu: Download Fujitsu USB Drivers

Intel: Download Intel Android USB Drivers

If you cannot find the driver you are looking for, you can always comment below and request a specific one. Chances are that if you connect your device with the computer, the drivers will automatically be installed; this however is just in case.

Disclaimer: the tools, mods and or ROMs mentioned through the course of this website belong to their owners and Rewritetech does not own anything. We are responsible for providing detailed tutorials and guides alone. In case of any damage caused to your cellphone or any device that you might be using, Rewritetech will not be held responsible. Please proceed at your own risk.


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