Gapps are the primary applications by Google that are already installed in your device when you buy and Android smartphone. You can find and update many Google Applications in the Google Play Store. These apps are usually always running on your device in the background. Some of these applications include Google Talk, Google Sync, Google Backup and Transport, Car Home, Google Maps etc. If you are looking for other Google applications, you can always download them from the Google Play Store.

While this is not a guide, this a basic list for your CyanogenMod ROMs. Most of them will not include Google Apps by default for which purpose you can follow the links below and flash them using the recovery you used to install your CM ROM. Before you begin flashing ensure that you have chosen the right version and ensure that you have at least 50% battery. Please also make sure that you have the correct USB drivers installed on your device and that USB debugging is enabled. These things are necessary for whenever you are ready to flash. Below is the list of different CM ROMs for you to choose from.


CyanogenMod 6.0-1.x

Android 2.2.0 – 2.2.3

HDPI: – (Mirror #1)

MDPI: – (Mirror #1)

TINY: – (Mirror #1)

CyanogenMod 7.0.x

Android 2.3.3 – Gingerbread

HDPI / MDPI / TINY: – (Mirror #1)

Android 2.3.2 – Gingerbread

HDPI / MDPI / TINY: – (Mirror #1)


CyanogenMod 7.1-2.x

Android 2.3.5 – 2.3.7 – Gingerbread

HDPI / MDPI / TINY: – (Mirror #1)

Android 2.3.4 – Gingerbread

HDPI / MDPI / TINY: – (Mirror #1)


CyanogenMod 9.0.x

Android 4.0.3 – 4.0.4 – Ice Cream Sandwich

HDPI / MDPI / TINY: – (Mirror #1)


CyanogenMod 10.0

Android 4.1.1 – 4.1.2 – Jelly Bean

HDPI / MDPI / TINY: – (Mirror #1)


Gapps CyanogenMod 10.1

Android 4.2.1 – 4.2.2 – Jelly Bean (for Android 4.2.2 Gapps also)

HDPI / MDPI / TINY: – (Mirror #1) – Only for Android 4.2.2

HDPI / MDPI / TINY: – (Mirror #1) – Only for Android 4.2.1

HDPI / MDPI / TINY: – (Mirror #1) – Only for Android 4.2.1


Before you begin installation please make sure that you have the correct Android firmware installed. If an package is for Android 4.2.1, it will not work for Android 4.1. Also, it does not matter what phone you have as long as you are running a CyanogenMod ROM with the correct (provided) Android firmware. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: the tools, mods and or ROMs mentioned through the course of this website belong to their owners and Rewritetech does not own anything. We are responsible for providing detailed tutorials and guides alone. In case of any damage caused to your cellphone or any device that you might be using, Rewritetech will not be held responsible. Please proceed at your own risk.

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