Gapps (Google Apps) – Download Latest Gapps For Android

Gapps are the primary applications by Google that are already installed in your device when you buy and Android smartphone. You can find and update many Google Applications in the Google Play Store. These apps are usually always running on your device in the background. Some of these applications include Google Talk, Google Sync, Google […]

Get the Google Now Sceneries on your Desktop with GoogleNowWallpaper

If you press and hold your home screen button (for most android devices) or otherwise open up Google Now, you will see a scenery right at the top of the screen which is basically synced with the time of day at whatever location you are at. To be honest, I am not a big fan […]

Share Grocery Lists with Members of your Family and Friends with Shared Shopping List

There have been times when one of your family members or your friends would go out to get some groceries and forget that one thing that you asked of them. Perhaps because it was not on the list or maybe you just shouted at them with what you wanted while they were in the car […]

Sherpa is a Bright New Personal Voice Assistant – Responds Accurately and Five Times Faster

If you are into voice commands to make your phone do all the work listening to a few words from you (it does feel cool), then you are probably into loads of voice assistants. Why shouldn’t you be? There are loads of personal assistants like that available on the Google Play Store including Vlingo, Alice, […]

Quick View is a Quick Way to View Encrypted Documents on the Go

Quick View is a free android application which serves as a companion to DigitalQuick. DigitalQuick is a service that would allow you to encrypt your files on your computer and on Dropbox. It also allows you to set permissions for what other people can do with your documents whether they can view them, edit them, […]

Trend Micro Mobile Security & Antivirus might just be the Perfect Antivirus Application for Android

Trend Micro Mobile Security & Antivirus is available for free on the Google Play Store and also downloadable with a subscription of $29.99 on an annual basis. The application offers several options with a very straightforward interface which is easy to understand and navigate about. The aesthetics are brilliant and eye-catching at that. The security […]

Nova Launcher is not your Average Launcher and is a Touch of Class

In the Google Play Store, there are currently two versions available for this extremely awesome launcher for you android device. As always, one of these versions is free while the other will cost you around £2.60. The current free version is 2.0.2 while the paid version is at 1.1. Both of these versions are compatible […]

Fitness Buddy is like having a Personal Trainer with you at all Times

If you are one of those guys who regularly go the gym and focus intensively on building your body up then this application is a perfect companion for you. The application is available for free on the Google Play Store which offers more than 300 exercises. The paid app costs around £1.26 and the main […]

Vybe lets you Create Unique Vibration Patterns

Do you remember those Nokia phones where you will create your own personal ringtones and then add vibrations as you pleased? Did you ever wonder if it were possible on Android? It is true that while many of us don’t really like to leave the cellphone on vibrate, rather most of us don’t want the […]