Hiring a lawyer for your everyday simple problems might turn out to be really expensive in the long run. Everyone run into problems and sometimes in order to get out of them, legal advice is needed. Now, here I mean the smaller things of course, nothing major. The concept behind this application is simple. It is a lawyer that you have in your hand at all times and it can help you deal with problems if you are a small business owner no matter if it is documents or electronic signatures or even for the purposes of legal consultation, this handy little application will be there when you need it the most. It is pretty similar to the desktop version of the application, but it lacks a lot of documents that you might need in a portable form.


This application will let you ask questions directly from an attorney, all you need to do is fill out a simple form which will include your question, name, state, e-mail address, and the type of legal issue you’re facing. Usually, you will have a response within a single working day. You can also talk to a lawyer if writing is not enough for you but for that purpose you will need to have a membership. You can create NDAs (Non-disclosure documents) straight from your cell phone. You can create many other types of legal documents using this application which will all be saved in ‘My Stuff’. Just tap the icon and you are good to go.

The name rocket lawyer suggests that it is very quick and no doubt having your legal issues responded to within a single business day is actually quite fast. Apart from that, the application is nicely designed with many of the desktop features included. It is really simple to use and very handy. Once again, this is not that application for you if you are looking to have bigger issues handled. There are negative aspects to this application of course (no app is perfect), the biggest one of which is the lower number of documents available for you to produce. The positive here is that most of the features that require you pay up on desktop are free on the mobile application. There is no clear logic as to why this has been done though. The long-term applicability of the application is humongous but only with the right tools in the mobile application.

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