Is India’s 35 Dollar Tablet Indian?

Based on a report by AndroidOS, the much famed over-hyped Indian tablet that was supposed to be sold for 35 Dollars isn’t Indian. Well, if it’s not Indian and yet it’s up for sale for as cheap as $35, what could be the possible origin of that tablet? Yes, you guessed it right, China!

The Chinese product comes by the name of Speedpad or PWS700HA and is manufactured by Hivision. The image below, courtesy of AndroidOS, can be seen to compare both the tablets.

It is speculated, the Chinese product which has been priced around 100 USD is being bought in bulk by the Indian government and being set to sold for subsidized prices for publicity.

The tablet has been marketed as the pride of India and a major break-through technologically coming straight from the minds from the smartest colleges of the country. Perhaps, a strategy to improve image of the colleges at India, if the reports by AndroidOS are correct.

[via AndroidOS]

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  1. Complete Rubbish

    This tablet is made by IIT and IIS the most famous and respected institutes in the world.
    Complete Ignorant post or rather envious.

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