Android Market License Verification has been Cracked

Android Police has just reported moments ago that Google’s Android Market License Verification can be easily cracked. According to them, most apps can be easily patched of license protection, hence making them available off android market shelf and easy target of piracy. This can help let sites, dedicated to pirate apps, continue to do so with automated algorithms.

The video below shows the demo of game StarHunt and the Google LVL demo app being patched easily

[via Android Police]

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  1. G’Day! Hamad,
    Cool Post, When one thinks of online search, they think of Google. The search engine giant has an unrivaled reputation in the search field and has become synonymous with any online search for information. It seems strange therefore, that Google has become the latest recipient of some search based criticism. How can this be?
    BTW great blogpost

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