If you are looking for a perfect widget to show your notifications to lock screen then this particular application might do wonders for you. However, if you are into a lot of privacy, then you might not want to use this application because whatever happens in your notification area will be shown on your lock screen and if someone picks it up, they can pretty much tell what you’re up to. But that’s for the paranoid. This particular application is available for free on the Google Play Store and requires android devices to run 4.0 or higher.

Notifications to Lock Screen with NiLS for Android

This application will show incoming notifications such as SMS, e-mails, missed call alerts, Facebook alerts, Whatsapp messages and a lot more right on your lock screen. It is primarily designed for devices running Android 4.2 but it works fine with 4.0 and higher. This is what the application is has to offer:

  • Any notification that you can dismiss will be shown on your lock screen. There are still issues with some applications that you might run, but the ones you use frequently and would like to be notified about work just fine;
  • You can allow the launch of an application from the notifications list;
  • If you have multiple notifications from a similar applications, they will be grouped with a counter to let you know how many are unnoticed;
  • If you receive a notification the screen lights up;
  • You have the option of displaying a clock, big or small, above the notifications list;
  • You can allow for showing full original notification content as it appears in the notifications bar;
  • You can clear the notification list when the device is unlocked;
  • You can blacklist certain apps from which you do not want to receive notifications on the lock screen.

All you need to do is follow the link to the Google Play Store, download and install the application. In order to activate the widget, you need to go to settings and tap accessibility. Further tapping on NotificationsWidget will turn it on and the app will start functioning. You will also need to approve an android warning before it runs (the warning is pretty much standard and there’s nothing to worry about; the application does not collect or use any information). That’s all you need to do to get the application running. One thing you need to know is that if you are running lower than 4.2, you will have to install WidgetLocker app (a paid application on Google Play Store) in order to show the widget on the lock screen. Give it a run and let us know what you think.

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