ESET Mobile Security 2 BETA is the follow-up to the groundbreaking smartphone and tablet security application available out there. With the malwares getting out of hands, especially when it comes to Android OS, security is vital to smartphone and tablet users and more specifically to those who have incorporated these gadgets into every aspect of their lives. While the ESET Mobile Security pretty much covered everything when it comes to your security needs rendering the application quite perfect, this one of course is an improvement over the first even though it is not easy to improve something already pretty much flawless.


While we were quite sure that there wasn’t much one could have changed in the original application to offer better results, the developers over at ESET have done exactly the same and proven us wrong. No matter how paranoid you feel you are, once you install this application you will already feel quite safe. The update, still in BETA, offers a very clean interface making it rather easy to operate even for a newbie. The device scans and real-time scanning systems have been thoroughly improved including the overall antivirus protection system. The filters to SMS, MMS and calls have been updated as well. The best part is the improvement to the remote anti-theft functionality. It is now even more refined allowing you to lock your phone remotely and even hunt down your missing mobile or tablet, whatever the case may be. You can even wipe your cellphone clean off if hunting it down is not working for you have some sensitive data on the phone. On top of all this, anti-phishing have been added as an added measure to help protect your information from billions of thieving websites that we somehow manage to open up on our phones; and of course, it is not just limited to websites.

This particular application runs blazingly fast and without a hitch on top of which the functionality is flawless with integration of intelligent systems and what not. If you are looking for a single application to cover all your security needs, you do not have to look any further than this and to think this is only the BETA version. What is in store for us in the final release will be revealed in due time however, in the meantime, try out the application and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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